This is the incredible full stretch of Tallow Beach near Byron Bay, NSW, Australia!! Really good local spot for surfing.
"},{image : '', thumb: '', title: "
Aerial Designs
Flying high above Port Douglas, Queensland, you can see these amazing river designs and sometimes even spot a Croc.
"},{image : '', thumb: '', title: "
Minimal Mangrove
This is a rarely seen mangrove style tree still growing in midst of the tidal zone all alone. It is quite often they are found in giant groups, but hardly ever as one offs. Near Wujal Wujal along the Bloomfield Track, Tropical North Queensland, Australia.
"},{image : '', thumb: '', title: "
Its all Purple!
An amazing Jacaranda Tree in full bloom near Mareeba,Queensland.
"},{image : '', thumb: '', title: "
Opposite Lines
A favourite taken very early morning from a hot air balloon overlooking a small highway in Tropical North Queensland.
"},{image : '', thumb: '', title: "
To Stand Watch, Forever
A Maori statue stands guard near Wellington, New Zealand as the sky quickly rushes by.
"},{image : '', thumb: '', title: "
To the Mountains!!
One of a few roads leading into the heart of the South Islands of New Zealand.
"},{image : '', thumb: '', title: "
Rainforest Falls
This is actually near a glacier and hence the name is still a very lush area. The incredible mountains of New Zealand hold some tightly packed glaciers and thousands of rushing rivers looking almost like over extended waterfalls. It's pretty amazing.
"},{image : '', thumb: '', title: "
Minimal Colour Contrast Landscape
A favourite landscape of the greyness during some NZ springs.
"},{image : '', thumb: '', title: "
This Land, New Zealand
Another sweet reflection shot from travelling the south Island of New Zealand. This was taken near the entrance of Fiordland National Park.
"},{image : '', thumb: '', title: "
Gothic Sound
Milford Sound, South Island, New Zealand on a grey and gothic day.
"},{image : '', thumb: '', title: "
The Hidden Valley
This shows the depth and remoteness of Milford Sound in South New Zealand. Those two waterfalls are both massive and I bet there is a lake in the hidden valley beyond. Yet maybe three people a year dare to enter. It is so far and the weather genuinely so bad, nature prevails.
"},{image : '', thumb: '', title: "
The Epic Stream
This is not recommended for amateur kayakers. What a river, actually more a sectioned waterfall. One of many falling at Milford Sound, New Zealand.
"},{image : '', thumb: '', title: "
Milford B&W
One of my favourite Milford Sound shots, this gives you an idea of the depth behind this range and I love the contrast especially in B&W.
"},{image : '', thumb: '', title: "
Let there be Light!
Afternoon rays peak through over one of countless lakes in the South Island of New Zealand.
"},{image : '©GregSnell-3.jpg', thumb: '©GregSnell-3.jpg&h=80&w=130&zc=1', title: "
South Coast Pano
This is a quick pano of the south coast of the Eyre Peninsula, a very remote region of Australia. Definitely worth the visit.
"},{image : '©GregSnell-0238.jpg', thumb: '©GregSnell-0238.jpg&h=80&w=130&zc=1', title: "
The Long Haul
One of the first train shots of my trip through Sri Lanka with my girlfriend Nelli. I am actually pretty sure she took this one. Thanks for the beaut!!
"},{image : '©GregSnell-0315.jpg', thumb: '©GregSnell-0315.jpg&h=80&w=130&zc=1', title: "
Minimal Sunset
A view over part of Mestre, Italy near Venice.
"},{image : '©GregSnell-0429-2.jpg', thumb: '©GregSnell-0429-2.jpg&h=80&w=130&zc=1', title: "
Seeing double, almost
This is an epic duo beach shot on Bruny Island, Tasmania. Was hoping for a better day, but still digging the snap.
"},{image : '©GregSnell-0478.jpg', thumb: '©GregSnell-0478.jpg&h=80&w=130&zc=1', title: "
What the!?!
This is a trick I learned in Tasmania. You need steel wool and some matches, an open area by the sea with no grass, and a cake batter mixer tied to some rope. Stuff the steel wool in the batter mixer, light it on fire and swing it around your head. Set the camera to 10sec and have some fun!
"},{image : '©GregSnell-0567.jpg', thumb: '©GregSnell-0567.jpg&h=80&w=130&zc=1', title: "
Purple Spikes
This was my first sunset from Chamonix, France and what a beauty!! So awesome to see these peaks lit up purple and pink. It was amazing to see this in the heart of winter.
"},{image : '©GregSnell-0655.jpg', thumb: '©GregSnell-0655.jpg&h=80&w=130&zc=1', title: "
The Spires
One of the most famous views from the Alps, these are the spires of Chamonix, France near Mont Blanc, the highest mountain in western Europe.
"},{image : '©GregSnell-08591.jpg', thumb: '©GregSnell-08591.jpg&h=80&w=130&zc=1', title: "
Greenland, by the Sea.
The southern reaches of Greenland are considered some of the most remote wildernesses left on earth, and this area covers a very extensive area. Flying overit and having a sunset view from 30,000 feet doesn't get much better than this. Like watching natures moving from the plane window.
"},{image : '©GregSnell-09121.jpg', thumb: '©GregSnell-09121.jpg&h=80&w=130&zc=1', title: "
Oh Canada!
This is a perfect view from 30,000 feet of the far reaches over Labrador, Canada. In the Arctic. Wow, this is really really remote.
"},{image : '©GregSnell-1033.jpg', thumb: '©GregSnell-1033.jpg&h=80&w=130&zc=1', title: "
Lockswell's Glory
One of my favourite beaches in all South Australia, this is Lockswell along the very remote western Eyre Peninsula.
"},{image : '©GregSnell-12201.jpg', thumb: '©GregSnell-12201.jpg&h=80&w=130&zc=1', title: "
Contrast Road
An incredible scene driving along a coastal road near Cactus Beach, South Australia. This is mostly to to earth minerals and makes for quite the sight.
"},{image : '©GregSnell-1741.jpg', thumb: '©GregSnell-1741.jpg&h=80&w=130&zc=1', title: "
The Perfect Backdrop
Amazing night camping along the Nullarbor in South Australia.
"},{image : '©GregSnell-1757.jpg', thumb: '©GregSnell-1757.jpg&h=80&w=130&zc=1', title: "
Moonlit Sunrise
Cooking over an open fire and watching the sunrise over the Nullarbor, South Australia.
"},{image : '©GregSnell-2033.jpg', thumb: '©GregSnell-2033.jpg&h=80&w=130&zc=1', title: "
Natures Doorway
This is southern WA's match to the Natures Window in Kalbari National Park. Another awesome scene in this wonderful state.
"},{image : '©GregSnell-20811.jpg', thumb: '©GregSnell-20811.jpg&h=80&w=130&zc=1', title: "
Epic Landscape
Another amazing sunset over the vast openness of Western Australia.
"},{image : '©GregSnell-2335.jpg', thumb: '©GregSnell-2335.jpg&h=80&w=130&zc=1', title: "
Morning Stellers
This is the perfect surf wave crashing in at around 7am off Norman's Beach, Western Australia. No surfers though, just the camera and nature.
"},{image : '©GregSnell-26751.jpg', thumb: '©GregSnell-26751.jpg&h=80&w=130&zc=1', title: "
Tea Road
A great overview of the endless tea fields of Central Sri Lanka.
"},{image : '©GregSnell-2714.jpg', thumb: '©GregSnell-2714.jpg&h=80&w=130&zc=1', title: "
Conspicuous Beach
Don't trust the name, this beach is anything but! Western Australia, southern Coast.
"},{image : '©GregSnell-2822.jpg', thumb: '©GregSnell-2822.jpg&h=80&w=130&zc=1', title: "
Sunrise over the Center
This is a very early morning from the top of Adam's Peak in eastern Sri Lanka. Well worth the 3am start.
"},{image : '©GregSnell-2928.jpg', thumb: '©GregSnell-2928.jpg&h=80&w=130&zc=1', title: "
The Crashing Coast
Bit of B&W Landscape goodness along the coast of WA, Australia.
"},{image : '©GregSnell-29421.jpg', thumb: '©GregSnell-29421.jpg&h=80&w=130&zc=1', title: "
Sugarloaf Rock
This is the awesome Sugarloaf of WA, Australia near Margaret River.
"},{image : '©GregSnell-3171.jpg', thumb: '©GregSnell-3171.jpg&h=80&w=130&zc=1', title: "
Concrete Contrast
Hazy Daze in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
"},{image : '©GregSnell-3175.jpg', thumb: '©GregSnell-3175.jpg&h=80&w=130&zc=1', title: "
Mt. Wellington Lookout
This is a view from my first sunrise over Hobart Tasmania from Mt. Wellington.
"},{image : '©GregSnell-3195.jpg', thumb: '©GregSnell-3195.jpg&h=80&w=130&zc=1', title: "
Early Morning Silouette
This was my first sunrise from Mt. Wellington, Tasmania!! Wow.
"},{image : '©GregSnell-3236.jpg', thumb: '©GregSnell-3236.jpg&h=80&w=130&zc=1', title: "
Talk about man made change
This is an overview of Gordon Dam in Tasmania. Look at the difference we've made, especially the tree line from the damned section of what is now a giant man made Lake Pedder.
"},{image : '©GregSnell-3399.jpg', thumb: '©GregSnell-3399.jpg&h=80&w=130&zc=1', title: "
Sunset on a rough coast
This is somewhere along the giant WA, Australia coast line. We stopped to camp at the side of the road and found this awesome little spot to chill and watch the sun go down. Another amazing experience in WA.
"},{image : '©GregSnell-3413.jpg', thumb: '©GregSnell-3413.jpg&h=80&w=130&zc=1', title: "
Reflection Love
This was a shot I really loved capturing at Russell Falls. the little hidden space at the side with just a perfect reflection. Go check it out if you get the chance.
"},{image : '©GregSnell-3535.jpg', thumb: '©GregSnell-3535.jpg&h=80&w=130&zc=1', title: "
Natures Window
Another favourite from the 20,000 km road trip around WA, Australia. Thi is Natures Window in Kalbari National Park.
"},{image : '©GregSnell-3674.jpg', thumb: '©GregSnell-3674.jpg&h=80&w=130&zc=1', title: "
Land, Sea and Forest, from Air.
Another favourites from a Heli trip around Tropical North Queensland. This is where the jungle meets the beach and beach meets the sea. Somewhere.
"},{image : '©GregSnell-37511.jpg', thumb: '©GregSnell-37511.jpg&h=80&w=130&zc=1', title: "
Eagle Point by Night
This is one of my favourite night shots from our 20,000 km road trip around WA, Australia. It's from a spot called Eagle Bulff or Point just south of Denham.
"},{image : '©GregSnell-3984.jpg', thumb: '©GregSnell-3984.jpg&h=80&w=130&zc=1', title: "
Green Island from a Heli
The Great Barrier Reef Islands near Cairns, Queensland. Amazing!!
"},{image : '©GregSnell-4236.jpg', thumb: '©GregSnell-4236.jpg&h=80&w=130&zc=1', title: "
Just around that next bend
such an awesome tour through the foothills of Tropical North Queensland. Really love this part of Australia.
"},{image : '©GregSnell-4390.jpg', thumb: '©GregSnell-4390.jpg&h=80&w=130&zc=1', title: "
My Private Island
Sorry I can't tell you where it is :)
"},{image : '©GregSnell-4416.jpg', thumb: '©GregSnell-4416.jpg&h=80&w=130&zc=1', title: "
Easy Daze
Another chill beach afternoon on Bedarra Island, Tropical north Queensland.
"},{image : '©GregSnell-4501.jpg', thumb: '©GregSnell-4501.jpg&h=80&w=130&zc=1', title: "
Early morning Jetty
Another amazingly quiet morning for such an awesome sunrise over a jetty near Mission Beach, Queensland.
"},{image : '©GregSnell-45431.jpg', thumb: '©GregSnell-45431.jpg&h=80&w=130&zc=1', title: "
The perfect place for reflection on the pure beauty of nature. Karijini National Park, WA, Australia
"},{image : '©GregSnell-4561.jpg', thumb: '©GregSnell-4561.jpg&h=80&w=130&zc=1', title: "
Miss that Shirt
This is a self portrait at the look out point over Karijini National Park, WA, Australia. Look closly at my shirt, its awesome!
"},{image : '©GregSnell-4612.jpg', thumb: '©GregSnell-4612.jpg&h=80&w=130&zc=1', title: "
And the Sky Shall Part way to mountains which block your path. Take the lake. Geneva Lake, Switzerland.
"},{image : '©GregSnell-4684.jpg', thumb: '©GregSnell-4684.jpg&h=80&w=130&zc=1', title: "
Milla Milla!!
This is one of the most photographed waterfalls in all Queensland! Milla Milla yo.
"},{image : '©GregSnell-4777.jpg', thumb: '©GregSnell-4777.jpg&h=80&w=130&zc=1', title: "
My Girl
This is a gushy romantic shot for all the gushy romantics out there. Loving the sunset in Tropical North Queensland.
"},{image : '©GregSnell-4778.jpg', thumb: '©GregSnell-4778.jpg&h=80&w=130&zc=1', title: "
Desert Train
This is one of my favourite WA shots. It captures the road trip life of the Outback. Look how huge that truck train is. Crazy yet a norm when on the road. Awesome!!
"},{image : '©GregSnell-4812.jpg', thumb: '©GregSnell-4812.jpg&h=80&w=130&zc=1', title: "
Chill Spot
This is arguably one of the best sunset locations in all Tropical North Queensland. The little spit that juts out from Port Douglas makes an entirely east coast almost west facing for only a few meters.
"},{image : '©GregSnell-49821.jpg', thumb: '©GregSnell-49821.jpg&h=80&w=130&zc=1', title: "
Camel Train
Welcome to Broome, Western Australia where almost every night of the year you can witness this amazing occurrence. The reflections were the best.
"},{image : '©GregSnell-5122.jpg', thumb: '©GregSnell-5122.jpg&h=80&w=130&zc=1', title: "
House of the Gods
This is one of my favourites from all my travels in Switzerland. I loved getting the snap of this house above the clouds. Imagine living here!?!
"},{image : '©GregSnell-80931.jpg', thumb: '©GregSnell-80931.jpg&h=80&w=130&zc=1', title: "
Across the River we go
Such an amazing crossing along the Gibb River Road in northern WA, Australia.
"},{image : '©GregSnell-8148.jpg', thumb: '©GregSnell-8148.jpg&h=80&w=130&zc=1', title: "
Tiger Stripe
Such an awesome sunset and Tiger Strip reflection here in Kimberly, WA, Australia.
"},{image : '©GregSnell-8182.jpg', thumb: '©GregSnell-8182.jpg&h=80&w=130&zc=1', title: "
My Kinda Country
Welcome to the vineyards of Tasmania!! Amazing.
"},{image : '©GregSnell-8199.jpg', thumb: '©GregSnell-8199.jpg&h=80&w=130&zc=1', title: "
Hiking through the Gorge
A quick snap of the trail leading through one of many gorges around El Questro, WA, Australia.
"},{image : '©GregSnell-8386.jpg', thumb: '©GregSnell-8386.jpg&h=80&w=130&zc=1', title: "
Lighthouse Point
An incredible sunrise caught over looking Lake Argyle in north east Western Australia. Incredible place.
"},{image : '©GregSnell-8663.jpg', thumb: '©GregSnell-8663.jpg&h=80&w=130&zc=1', title: "
Arise and Shine.
Another epic sunrise along the coast of Mission Beach, Queensland
"},{image : '©GregSnell-8748.jpg', thumb: '©GregSnell-8748.jpg&h=80&w=130&zc=1', title: "
The perfect Swing
Not a bad day to spend out in the sun. Paradise Found. Fitzroy Island, Tropical North Queensland.
"},{image : '©GregSnell-8941.jpg', thumb: '©GregSnell-8941.jpg&h=80&w=130&zc=1', title: "
And so this is where Lost the series began. Fitzroy Island,Tropical North Queensland.
"},{image : '©GregSnell-9107.jpg', thumb: '©GregSnell-9107.jpg&h=80&w=130&zc=1', title: "
The view overlooking Boodjamulla (Lawn Hill) National Park, Queensland Outback, Australia.
"},{image : '©GregSnell-91291.jpg', thumb: '©GregSnell-91291.jpg&h=80&w=130&zc=1', title: "
The stunning outer reef and part of the Whitsundays islands off Queensland.
The stunning outer reef and part of the Whitsundays islands off Queensland.
"},{image : '©GregSnell-9136.jpg', thumb: '©GregSnell-9136.jpg&h=80&w=130&zc=1', title: "
For you my Heart
The Great Barrier Reef loves us!! Another one of the obvious reasons why we should protect it. Heart Reef, Whitsundays, Queensland.
"},{image : '©GregSnell-92761.jpg', thumb: '©GregSnell-92761.jpg&h=80&w=130&zc=1', title: "
The Sunrise to the Moonset
This is a shot of a full moon setting to the colours of a full sun rising opposite. Somewhere in backcountry, Queensland.
"},{image : '©GregSnell-9349.jpg', thumb: '©GregSnell-9349.jpg&h=80&w=130&zc=1', title: "
This is a view of one of the most impressive Beaches in the world. Such a stunner!! Queensland, Australia.
"},{image : '©GregSnell-94381.jpg', thumb: '©GregSnell-94381.jpg&h=80&w=130&zc=1', title: "
Nature is King
This is a portrait I set up in from of an amazing waterfall in Central Queensland, Australia.
"},{image : '©GregSnell-94751.jpg', thumb: '©GregSnell-94751.jpg&h=80&w=130&zc=1', title: "
Nobody Home
This is the view of an empty Whithaven Beach at high tide in Australia. Beauty!!
"},{image : '©GregSnell-9481.jpg', thumb: '©GregSnell-9481.jpg&h=80&w=130&zc=1', title: "
Home Sweet Home
This is the view of high tide at Whithaven Beach in Australia. Beauty!!
"},{image : '©GregSnell-95521.jpg', thumb: '©GregSnell-95521.jpg&h=80&w=130&zc=1', title: "
Lets go to the Beach
Another one of the countless stretches of beaches lining the coast of tropical north Queensland, Australia.
"},{image : '©GregSnell-9632.jpg', thumb: '©GregSnell-9632.jpg&h=80&w=130&zc=1', title: "
The Mainland
One of my first sunsets while sailing the Whitsunday Islands, Australia, amazing view back over the mainland.
"},{image : '©GregSnell-9705.jpg', thumb: '©GregSnell-9705.jpg&h=80&w=130&zc=1', title: "
Into the Distance
The view over Freycinet National Park from Mt. Amos.
"},{image : '©GregSnell-9762.jpg', thumb: '©GregSnell-9762.jpg&h=80&w=130&zc=1', title: "
Wineglass anyone?
This is the view of the iconic Wieglass Bay from the summit of Mt. Amos in Freycinet National Park, Tasmania.
"},{image : '©GregSnell-9801.jpg', thumb: '©GregSnell-9801.jpg&h=80&w=130&zc=1', title: "
Natural Tasman Gym
This is me being bored during a break hiking Mt. Amos in Freycinet National Park, Tasmania.
"},{image : '©GregSnell-9832.jpg', thumb: '©GregSnell-9832.jpg&h=80&w=130&zc=1', title: "
Reflections are awesome!!
Early morning scenes on Fraser Island, Australia.
"},{image : '©GregSnell-9950.jpg', thumb: '©GregSnell-9950.jpg&h=80&w=130&zc=1', title: "
Tasman Snorkel
This is actually an Abalone Diver coming back from a day out along the rocks. What an office. Bay of Fires, Tasmania, Australia.
"},{image : '©GregSnell-9967.jpg', thumb: '©GregSnell-9967.jpg&h=80&w=130&zc=1', title: "
La Vallee Blanche
One of the most famous back valleys of the European Alps. The Vallee Blanche sits just behind Mount Blanc and Chamonix France. Definitely worth the trip to go have a look, and if you're really keen, ski it :)
"},{image : '©GregSnell-9994.jpg', thumb: '©GregSnell-9994.jpg&h=80&w=130&zc=1', title: "
Beach Daze!!
How awesome is this!?! Bay of Fires, Tasmania, Australia with not a soul in site. Beautiful.
"},{image : '', thumb: '', title: "
Patagonia Pano
A quick sitch of our track on the 18km Lago Los Tres hike in Patagonia, Argentina.
"},{image : '', thumb: '', title: "
Don't Jump. It was actually going incredibly slow and I was looking to entertain myself while travelling by train through Western Zimbabwe. I stayed on this train for about 14 hours and travelled maybe 300km. Awesome!!
"},{image : '', thumb: '', title: "
Unda da Sea!!
This is just a small window into the underwater world surrounding Los Roques, Venezuela. Amazing!!
"},{image : '', thumb: '', title: "
The Sky Cries
Opening up the tap, Angle Falls thunders down its massive1283 meter drop into the river below, smashing me with mist and only allowing this one quick snap. South East Venezuela.
"},{image : '', thumb: '', title: "
The Reef
Flying over the barrier reef of the incredibly remote and amazing archipelago, Los Roques, Venezuela.
"},{image : '', thumb: '', title: "
A sky on fire
This was the first sunset I saw while visiting the remote archipelago of Los Roques, Venezuela. Definitely confirmed the beauty I was expecting. Wow!!
"},{image : '', thumb: '', title: "
Through there, the gates to hell
This is such an ominous landscape and one of my favourite places on earth. It is incredibly magical and has a powerful energy. Patagonia, Argentina.
"},{image : '', thumb: '', title: "
The Roaring Thunder
One of my favourites from my short Victoria Falls trip. Zambian side.
"},{image : '', thumb: '', title: "
In Bloom
Not really a granduer landscape, but man this tree is awesome!! Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay.
"},{image : '', thumb: '', title: "
This way Home
A Magellanic Penguin walks off into the sunset looking for the rook on Isla Magdalena, Patagonia, Chile.
"},{image : '', thumb: '', title: "
Paradise Found
Loved the surprising Northern Territory of Australia for all of these incredible and absolutely empty swimming holes. Awesome!!
"},{image : '', thumb: '', title: "
Next Right.
It was way to tempting to get this shot. We were actually up on a little hill and finally got a good view of the road ahead. Had to get the snap. Middle of the NT, Australia.
"},{image : '', thumb: '', title: "
El Base!!
The base of Los Torres and half way through an amazing 18km, 1000m vertical gain hike. Perfect!! Patagonia, Chile.
"},{image : '', thumb: '', title: "
The Grey Face
I love the depth and contrast of this shot. You can almost see the entirety of the 35km Grey Glacier in Torres del Paine National Park, Patagonia, Chile. Plus the black sides and sun in the backkground, I love it.
"},{image : '', thumb: '', title: "
El Perito
The north face of Perito Moreno Glacier, one of the most famous stretches of ice in the world. Patagonia, Argentina.
"},{image : '', thumb: '', title: "
Blue Haze
This is a bit of white balance and filter fun over Lago Nahuel Huapi, Bariloche, Argentina.
"},{image : '', thumb: '', title: "
W Days
This is a view from the famous W Trek in Torres del Paine. Day 2 approaching Los Cuernos camp.
"},{image : '', thumb: '', title: "
Not a Bad Hotel Room
Camping at the Glacier rey camp in Torres del Paine, Patagonia, Chile.
"},{image : '', thumb: '', title: "
Big Sky and Big Hills
This is a far removed overview of the Paine Massive in Patagonia Chile. The 110km curcuit of this mountain massive is one of the most popular multiday hikes in the entire world.
"},{image : '', thumb: '', title: "
The Lungs of Patagonia
Lago los Tres and Lago Sucio as seen at the base of Fitz Roy one of the most famous mountain peaks in the world. Great 18km round trip hike from El Chalten, Argentina.
"},{image : '', thumb: '', title: "
Autumn in Patagonia
Some cool contrasting colours on the 18km round trip hike to Lago los Tres and Fitz Roy. Patagonia, Argentina.
"},{image : '', thumb: '', title: "
El Cerro
A miniature Cerro Torre stands strong in front of its older brother. El Chalten, Argentina.
"},{image : '', thumb: '', title: "
The Spires Rise
This is a favourite and it was actually taken from a bus. This is driving away from El Chalten, Argentine Patagonia late in the evening destined for El Calafate. Amazingly remote and beautiful place on earth.
"},{image : '', thumb: '', title: "
The Hobbit Trail
A natural Tunnel leading through a forest hike somewhere in Patagonia, Chile.
"},{image : '', thumb: '', title: "
El Volcan!!
This is one of the most amazing volcanoes I have ever had the privilege to explore. Volcan Osorno near Puerto Varas, Chile. Amazing!!
"},{image : '', thumb: '', title: "
Uluru Daze
One of the most classic shots in Australia. Adding a bit of a minimal sunrise touch.
"},{image : '', thumb: '', title: "
Because You're Awesome!!
Driving through the Outback of Australia, you can literally stop anywhere to watch the sunset :)
"},{image : '', thumb: '', title: "
Big Flips in Lençóis Maranhenses
It is difficult to explain this landscape. It is one of the most amazing places I have ever been and it is open to the public to explore, and there is no one there!!! Lençóis Maranhenses, Brazil.
"},{image : '', thumb: '', title: "
The Outback
This is one of those classic Australia photos I have always wanted to capture. Middle of nowhere with a name, the Oodnadatta Track, South Australia.
"},{image : '', thumb: '', title: "
Water in the Desert
This is one of the most surreal landscapes on earth, the incredible Lençóis Maranhenses in North West Brazil. I highly suggest a visit.
"},{image : '', thumb: '', title: "
The Amazon
This is a tributary of the Amazon River running through the far South West corner of Guyana in South America. Pure. Jungle. Amazing!!!
"},{image : '', thumb: '', title: "
The long drop
A semi poorly stiched pano from the top of Kaieteur Falls in central Guyana. I hope this place stays as remote as it is.Incredible spot.
"},{image : '', thumb: '', title: "
The most powerful...
...single drop waterfall in the world. Kaieteur Falls in central Guyana is an absolute world gem. I hope it stays as remote as it is.
"},{image : '', thumb: '', title: "
A portrait into a life spent at sea. I can't remember where I took this photo, and I kinda like it that way :)
"},{image : '', thumb: '', title: "
The Massive
This is a great view of the entire Paine Massive in Patagonia, Chile. There something truly magical about this place. Stunning.
"},{image : '', thumb: '', title: "
Another day goes by
Fisherman from Stonetown Zanzibar return from another long day out at sea.
"},{image : '', thumb: '', title: "
It's all about fun!!
Getting bored waiting for the sunset in Patagonia, Chile. This is near the beginning of the Torres hike in Torres del Paine National Park.
"},{image : '', thumb: '', title: "
Coffee time
These are freshly picked coffee beans laid out to dry in the hills near Gulu, Uganda.
"},{image : '', thumb: '', title: "
Kite Sky
The mecca of Kite Surfing in East Africa is definitely Zanzibar and more specifically Paje Beach. This is a daily scene in the season. Amazing!
"},{image : '', thumb: '', title: "
Big Sky Tanzania
This was about four days up Mt. Kilimanjaro way past tree line and seemingly in line with some big storm clouds in the distance, amazing!
"},{image : '', thumb: '', title: "
Seeing Double
The amazing Cabo San Juan in Tyrona National Park, Colombia.
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Cottage Life
Not a bad place to watch the morning pass. Victoria, Vancouver Island, Canada.
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Like Glass
An incredible sunset seen while sailing the Magellan Straight in Patagonia, Chile.
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Molokoi Pano I
A tri split along the river I hiked through for two days in central French Guyana.
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Zanzibar Beach Daze
An empty Paje Beach on Zanzibar, Tanzania.
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Safi Sana
Mohammed gives a big thumbs up as we make our way towards the Mnemba Atoll off the North East coast of Zanzibar, Tanzania. Safi sana rafiki!
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Perito Moreno Glacier
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Skiing Anyone?
I flew from Santiago to Northern Chile and the Atacama Desert this July. I had no idea of the scene that was about to unfold from the air. I was stunned to see this shot from my window. A surreal vista of a Gothic cityscape with the perfect snow covered Andes hiding above the cloud cover which veils the city.
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The Chocolate Factory River's End
This is a favourite. The Iguazu River in high water picks up a lot of sediment and turns the falls to a chocolatey mass. It is an incredible site and I was luckily enough to be in the right place at the right time to get this photo. Iguazu Falls, Argentina.
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Waterfalls. Everywhaahh!
The expense of Iguazu Falls creates the perfect backdrop for finding that angle, that one photo. This is special to me for the water falls in the background and the people at the edge of the lookout. I feel like they are peering into the smooth flow of the abyss, contemplating life and their next move. Iguazu Falls, Brazil.
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The Forgotten Coastline
This is the far reaches of the north west coast of Kangaroo Island off South Australia. A barren and remote spot, this is very much the same coastline as seen thousands of years ago. Rough and tumble, nature at its purest.